QueerFest Sports

QueerFest Sports

Dit jaar staat het creëren van ‘safe(r)-spaces’ in sport centraal. Op het asfalt in de ‘Sports Zone’ van het Homomonument en Westerkerk laten we showcases zien van verschillende sporten Aan het begin van de middag zijn er workshops voor verschillende leeftijden, van...
Amsterdam Lowlanders | Touch Rugby Takeover

Amsterdam Lowlanders | Touch Rugby Takeover

The Amsterdam LGBTQ+ Lowlanders Rugbyclub, which has two men’s teams and a women’s team, will host a touch rugby game on Dam Square. The game will be a fun and interactive event where participants can wear underwear or ugly dresses/costumes. Our goal is to demonstrate that rugby is a sport for anyone, and that our club and the larger rugby community value inclusivity, queerness, and acceptance. Anyone can join in the touch games, and the rules of the game will be explained before we begin.  

LGBTQ+ individuals may be hesitant to participate in team sports due to fear of bullying or rejection, but we want to show you that you can find community through sports like rugby. Many people believe that only certain types of individuals, such as those who are big, butch, or strong, can play sports, but we want to demonstrate that any person, regardless of body type, can play and be accepted. Through the underwear/speedo/ugly dress competition, we hope to promote acceptance and show that anyone can participate. We expect more than 100 people to participate, and our desired outcomes are to recruit new players for the Lowlanders and to provide an interactive and enjoyable experience for both the Lowlanders and the community.

Queer Fest (Urban) Sports

Queer Pride and Sports creëert met Queer Fest een inclusieve omgeving waar mensen samenkomen en zichzelf kunnen zijn. Dit jaar staat het creëren van ‘safer-spaces’ centraal. We geloven in de kracht van eten, sport en muziek als bindende elementen die onze LHBTIQAP+...
Amsterdam Lowlanders | Touch Rugby Takeover

Amsterdam Lowlanders – Rugby


We are the only LGBTQ+ rugby club in the Netherlands. Our goal is for everyone to enjoy rugby in a prejudice free environment, We currently have a men’s and women’s side and consider rugby to be for all. We are committed to creating a safe and welcoming environment where players of all levels of experience feel at home.

Club type

LHBTIQ+ centred


Queer, Trans, Non-binair, Intersekse personen

Vrouwen die op vrouwen vallen

Mannen die op mannen vallen


Vrouwen, Mannen


Sportlaan 25A
1185 TB Amstelveen