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Cycling is an amazing sport. It’s an important part of everyday life in the Netherlands. We cycle to work, to get our groceries, to work out, or just to feel good. However when it comes to joining a club or getting into cycling as an amateur, there are lots of barriers for LGBTQIA+ people. It’s well known that the cycling industry at all levels is not inclusive or diverse. This culture needs to shift. 

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We’re here to help pedal it into the future. We want to challenge discrimination and support cyclists, cycling clubs and governing bodies through education to make cycling a safe space for LGBTQIA+ people. 

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Did you know?

In 2021 a survey of LGBTQIA+ cyclists in Amsterdam 95% of people questioned had not joined a cycling club due to fear of descrimination. This number should not exist. The cycling industry has low representation of LGBTQIA+ people at all levels.

Need Support? 

 If you are a club or organisation and want to know how to make your club more LGBTQIA+ inclusive, get in touch.

The Road Forward
This year the road ahead is QUEER. We invite LGBTQIA+ cyclists, allies and clubs to join us and Pedal for Pride as we host events all around the Netherlands. Watch this space and follow us for more info!

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We want to connect LGBTQIA+ cyclists together. If you are an LGBTQIA+ cycling club you can add your club to our directory.

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 We rely solely on volunteers and donations. We desperately need your support to continue our mission.

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