Pedel for Pride x I R I S cycling apparel


On the very last last day of the Pride Month we are excited to present our “Pedal for Pride x IRIS” designs!

Pride and Sports is a Dutch platform for LGBTIQ+ in sport who advocate for a safe-space to all athletes, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression or sex characteristics.

Sport helps with our personality development and offers a powerful tool for connection in society. IRIS collaborated with Pride and Sports because IRIS believes it is important that you can be yourself everywhere and at all times and through our bold and colourful designs we enable every cyclist to express their individuality whilst they ride in style.

All benefits from the sales will be donated to Pride and Sports. If you want to make an additional donation, you can do so here:

Pedal for Pride

In the coming weeks, Pride and Sports’ director for Change and Inclusion Development in Cycling Sebastien Sutherland (they/them) will Pedal For Pride every weekend.

Pedal For Pride is an initiative to raise awareness, create connections and celebrate Pride in cycling. The rides will be at a social pace and you are all welcome to join Sebastien on one of their legs.

“The road doesn’t judge you.
The bike doesn’t care who you are .
It’s a safe space to be yourself, and that should be the case for everyone everywhere. Cycling is freedom.”

[Sebastien Sutherland (they/them) Director for Change and Inclusion Development in Cycling]

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